Webmaster / Site administrator

Once your site is launched it is important not to neglect its management and maintenance over time. This is done under the responsibility of one or more Webmasters.

Content Maintenance

In order for the site to remain up-to-date and to make visitors want to come back, it is important to update the site content – either by modifying the information on the pages of the site or by adding news articles, for example in the form of a blog. The sites developed by us always offer all the facilities to modify the content without the need for technical knowledge. This aspect can therefore be managed by yourself, but if you wish we also offer support, for example:

  • Obtain your modifications via email, prepare their presentation and deploy in the site
  • Site usage analysis: What do visitors to the site do? Which pages are often / rarely visited? Where do the visitors come from?
  • Image and photo enhancement: cropping, improved light and color, weight reduction to ensure speedy loading for site visitors, …
  • Translation (French, English, Scandinavian languages)

Technical Maintenance

The role of technical management of the site is to maintain the software platform on pair with the latest technical requirements. This aspect must necessarily be managed by a software specialist. In our Webmaster package we ensure various evolutions:

  • of the software components (performance enhancements, bug corrections,…)
  • of the hosting platform (migration to other more powerful servers, new versions of programming language, …)
  • of the user platforms (adapting to smartphones and tablets with different sizes of screens and modes of interaction, …)
  • of search engines (take into account new Google tips for a good SEO, …)
  • and in general, monitor all aspects of security of the site (detect and block hacking attempts, make backups very regularly of the content of the site, …)

Your Webmaster : Tekomatik

We offer a full range of Webmaster services

Site security

Monitor and block intrusion attempts : every site referenced by the search engines is subject to daily attacks. We set up monitoring software to detect these attacks and block them. If, despite everything, your site is hacked we are able to restore it quickly thanks to backups.

Modification of your site to use HTTPS: with the HTTPS protocol the communication between the visitors and the site becomes encrypted. Essential if you manage sensitive information (passwords, online sales, …)! In addition, Google SEO is now penalized for non-HTTPS sites. The latest versions (2017) of Google Chrome and Firefox are starting to issue alerts for non-secure sites.


WordPress Administration

WordPress has become the world’s leading WEB platform. A WordPress website is built in four levels: the base that is provided and maintained by the host, the free / open source software WordPress, the WordPress extensions (“plugins”) to be chosen from thousands of available plugin components, and the code specifically developed for your site. New versions of WordPress and its extensions appear very frequently and require updates to the site at least once a week. Changes to the specific code are often required to introduce new features or simply to modify the layout of the site.

Thanks to our long-standing experience with Wordpress, including the development of plugins, we can ensure efficient and effective administration.


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