Pay for what you need

Many factors will impact the price of your Web presence. We will work out the most cost-efficient solution for your specific needs.


Do you (really) need a Rolls Royce?

The cost related to the development of a Web solution depends on several factors: Are you aiming for a few pages of presentation or hundreds of pages? Does your site involve product catalogues and sales? Should it support users in several languages? Does it allow users to add their own content? … Not everybody needs a Rolls Royce. It may be sufficient to take the bus, and between the bus and the Rolls Royce there are multiple possible evolutions.

Rolls Royce

Get-on-the-bus: your presentation site at fixed price

The idea

We have developed a solution that we call Get-on-the-bus. This is a fixed price solution that will rapidly provide you with a basic fully working Web site from content provided by you via email or uploaded to our Customer Service site.

The bus - Fixed price Web site

You get

  • A personalized landing page
  • Up to 5 additional pages
  • Image gallery
  • Contact page with contact form
  • If appropriate, the contact page will include a map (using Google maps) with geolocalization of your address
  • Social media buttons that let visitors “like” and “share” your pages
  • Structure and HTML code according to the latest criteria for Search Engine Optimization
  • Site built with WordPress CMS, allowing you to modify page content at any time
  • Site design chosen from a large number of proposed templates
  • Inclusion of graphics and images that you provide or choose
  • Site design according to agreed colour templates (e.g. based on your logo)
  • Usage statistics for your site
  • Training session for learning how to modify the site content
  • 12 months warranty and maintenance
  • Competitive price: 895 EURO

When you need more

Although our Get-on-the-bus solution provides an impressing set of features, which may cover most of your needs, you may need additional functions. Some functions may be added in the form of new modules, while others may require the use of a different technology. We will work with you to identify your needs and propose an appropriate solution. This includes:

  • definition of functions and user experience:
    • what should your application be able to do for your users, and
    • how do your users see and interact with the application (presentation, navigation, etc.)
  • choice of technology – depending on your needs a standard CMS, such as WordPress, may not be appropriate
  • identification of parts to develop or acquire
  • choice of licensed parts; this may include graphics, pictures, sound, video and software
  • cost estimates
  • development and delivery plans