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Creating your Web site - rapidly and cost-efficiently

At Tekomatik we build efficient Web sites and applications, which are clear, simple to use and visually pleasing in order to convey a positive and compelling message to your clients.

We create customized solutions for small end medium sized enterprises (SME), based on proven open-source software building blocks, to provide strong solutions at reasonable cost.

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Your personalised site

Whether your web presence is your core activity or if your wish is to promote your principal activity, for example if your are a lawyer or an architect, the key to success is to think as your clients, and to build an application that fully answers their needs and expectations.

Adapted to your needs

With over thirty years of software development experience we know that every situation is unique. You are the specialist in your trade and we listen to you! Your detailed knowledge is the key to understanding the critical needs and to help us create the marvellous application you long for.


It is difficult to articulate from the outset all the aspects and details necessary to create the perfect solution. Our agile approach will help keeping us on the same page throughout the project. We will move forwards together and you will be able to see your site take shape step by step, and as it comes to life, you will be able to bring in new knowledge and ideas.